Growing chambers & demo status

Wanting to share some longer thoughts on the development of my game I figured Twitter wouldn’t do any longer, and so I made this blog. It will consist mostly of breakdowns of the technical aspects of the game but probably some other stuff as well.

The game itself is in a pretty good state right now. I’ve held out on recording another video as I’ve been working mostly on necessary stuff that I’ve put off for long, like core gameplay systems and editor tools. Right now I’m in the middle of a performance pass after having added some new graphical features (which I will be making a post about) and I’m happy with how the game looks and feels. I recently added enemy fighter AI which turned out to be really fun to go up against. I’ll be making a post and video about that as well after I’ve completed some work that remains to be done.

I had set a goal of releasing a demo at the end of august, but I’ll have to delay that by about a month to ensure that it is a smooth enough gameplay experience. The demo will consist of a short mission with both air-to-ground and air-to-air combat, and I will be using it to gather some input on how the game feels and runs. I don’t want to make any promises that it will be released in September but I’m confident it will be out around that time, so please look forward to it.


5 thoughts on “Growing chambers & demo status

  1. Hello! Just to let you know that i am following this, i have a thing for “Cockpit Games”(tm) 🙂 I think we had a small talk on youtube or/and twitter. In november will be 1 year since I myself started UE4 experiments in flying-shooting direction 🙂 My best wishes to your project!

  2. Felix, Yuris, Im jeff, known on Ace Combat as SAAM I AM.. 48 yr old hard core gamer. God Bless you for your tenacity, patience, attention to detail and commitment to quality over commercialism. After litterally 45years of gaming on litterally every console and having a Library of over 700 AAA game titles Ive narrowed myself down to 2 games. Ariel combat and Racing. Be it IL2 or Ace Combat or DCS or World or Warplanes or Warwings mobile or Project Wingman, Im always looking for the next level excellence.. Unity!?!? Really? Built on Unity?? My friend, dont worry about rushing out a demo to make some spoiled gimmie gimmie trolls happy.. The Mona Lisa didnt get passed around the curators as a sketch.. Your commitment to the smoothness of the little things was very appearant in your carrier ops video.. Keep up the good work brother. If you ever need a reliable beta tester from a former US Marine, avid Flight gamer that will provide you with value added other than the obvious type feedback, then hit me up.. my Oculus Rift is just itching to get in the danger zone..

    Semper Fi

    “Beware my Exploding Telephone Poles”

    1. It’s very encouraging hearing words like yours. When I get around to beta testing, I’ll be sure to hit you up. In the mean time I hope I can provide interesting bits from the dev side. Thanks!

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